Why your company should invest in video marketing today!

  • It creates a unique emotional connection unlike any other medium
    Our emotions play a massive part in the decisions we make on a daily basis, even as consumers. The most shareable videos are not only the ones that inform a consumer, but also the ones that trigger an emotional response.

  • Video has longer user-engagement periods
    Longer exposure builds trust and signals search engines that your site has good content.

    74% of all internet traffic in 2017 will be attributed to video viewing.

    52% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the most efficient means of content, resulting in the best ROI. 

  • Search engines love video content
    Video allows you to increase the time spent by visitors on your site.

    According to Google stats, you're company is 53 times more likely to show up first on a google search if you have video embedded on your website. This is especially accurate considering Google now owns Youtube.

    Search Engine Results Pages ( SERPs) states that video marketing commands more attention than any other listings.

  • Engage more smart phone users
    Mobile video views have increased by nearly 400% in a two year span.

    Google tells us that smart phone users are twice as likely than TV viewers and 1.5 times more likely than desktop users to feel a sense of personal connection to brands that show video content or ads on a mobile device.

  • Video encourages social media shares
    Every social media platform allows companies to use video as a source of advertising.


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