Farah Skye Beauty Promotional Video

Check out the latest promotional video I shot for www.Farahskyejohnson.com Farah is a professional bridal make up artist, located in Northern NJ. It was a pleasure working with her and her models!

For Videographers:

I wanted to focus on using longer lenses to get more compression in the frame and produce nice bokeh. The majority of this promotional video was shot with the Canon C100 mark ii and mostly the Canon 24-70 mark ii and the Canon 100mm L series. I also used the Sigma 35mm art. Between this lens and the 100mm, I was able to get very shallow depth of field. All of the slider movements were shot with the Kessler Second Shooter Plus and the Kessler Stealth Slider. I used LED panels from Yongnuo, such as the 1200 LED and a few 600 LED panels. The voice over was recorded with an Azden shotgun mic and the Zoom H4N. Everything was edited in Adobe Premiere CC. Check out the list of our gear on our website. 

Here are some bts shots of the day!

Farah looking over her notes for her speaking parts at the beginning of the video.

Mariah was an awesome model to work with. She was extremely natural in front of the camera. I used the Kessler Second Shooter Plus to get some automated motion shots. This slider and motion control unit produces extremely smooth shots and virtually acts as a second camera operator. This is HUGE for any small video production business that wants to optimize their workflow. 

Lighting tip: The studio I was shooting in has giant full pane windows. This allowed a ton of natural light in. I exposed for the natural light and then set the lighting up around that. As you can see, on the left I had a Yongnuo 1200 led panel bouncing into an all white bounce board. This allowed me to fill in some of the shadow on the model and give more dimension to her face. I topped it all off with a hair light. I wanted to get this light as high as possible, so I wouldn't create any harsh shadows on her face and to avoid any hot spots. 

It was such a pleasure working with Farah and her models. Please contact CineGraph Studios if you are a small business looking to increase your sales through video advertising!